N.O. entry TAX?

Yes by klaydon, 9/8/05

also we need to levy the levee tax... i.e. the dirt tax ... we need dirt to build our levees but we can't dig it out of our city which is already to low, so we must import it from out side of city ... so each visitor to city must bring two pounds dirt with them to get in ... dirt tax ... dirty levee tax ... no exceptions ... 2 pounds dirt. levy a levee tax; An informal non-legislated privilege to contribute your gift of dirt.

new N.O. TAX by klaydon, 9/8/05 4:18 ET very serious about the dirty levee tax. an entry fee of at least two pounds of dirt to entry city.

Does at least two things

1. A PR thing ... Have media pick it up. That keeps our Needs in public "eye"

2. it, over time, really does make our leveies higher. sub-note our dirt levies did not fail ... retaining walls did ... therefore all these retaining walls need to be replaced with good old fashion dirt levies.

How do we get this off the ground ... this is very easy. We encourage all celebaties to do a filmed photo op of them dumping their two pounds dirt on the levies. Every "star" from Paris Hilton to DeCaprio, Sean Penn, Madonna,Arron Nevel, I'm sure that most all celebrities and celebitie wanta bes would want to participate in the ritual of two pounds of dirt instead of two cents of, and help give it air time.

3. And, We make it a must have fashion statement by designing an unusually nice Dirt Tax Tee Shirt with an uniquely irrestitiblely Catching phrase and of course we also write a fantastic song and get Arron and company to sing it and before ya knows it it becomes a classic, maby something like "I went down to da Audubon Zoo and da all ax fo you"

The Idea is very good because it is irresisblly clever and in fact will do ecactly what it aims to do. it is also good because it is funny and very easy to laugh about ... I can just see Jay Leno talking about it right now..

The govt ain't never going to get around to doing a really good job of it. WE, da people who lives here, are going to have to protect ourselves, assume responcibily, at least for this.

Obseravtion: Now that we Have h Had the ever impending perfect Storm. we know from experience what we need to keep da water out i.e. how high the levies must be etc... and we know that all houses must have a flood escape door thru ceiling and thru roof to the roof.

But, I believe, after this storm, that we can keep the water out.

as we have seen, evacuating is not a real option. There is not enough time.

And established population like ours is just going to have to many folks with special needs.. old, infirm ... etc.

And as we see, it is sipmly to difficult to get the water out. So we've simply got to keep it out. there is no other real choice.

as to the notion that the city should be deleted: There is going to be a city on mouth of rive whether it is N.O. or something esle. it's not the city... it's the gulf, the gulf has hurricians.

also, i personally believe that we need a flood structure at the Rigolets to at least slow the water going into the lake down

there's more but that's nuff for now

coprite clayton w. jr

Jay Leno by klaydon, 9/10/05 18:34 ET

I don't really want to be a guest. I like being anonymous.

I'm simply another person from New Orleans.

What I'm writing about is this: Thru Jay's help there may be a way to Organize the vast Celebrity love and passion for My town of New Orleans

Many of us from New Orleans and Many from outside New Orleans really want to restore our fair city.

Many in this group are terrified that the "government" will help us just like they helped during the Thunderstorm.

I think that what we need, What May Help us the most is if we can Organize a very vocal and visible power Base to counter the people with the Bulldozers

While everybody does not like New Orleans; I believe that all Celebrities do and most like as much as we do if not more.

Tho we need money ... what we need more than money is the power to confront and temper "government" power.

If we can slow things down a bit and control things, I believe that we, with your help, can restore Her, Our beloved City, La Bell D'Orleans, and save Billions of dollars at the same time

We got about 2-3 million people with major Anxiety Disorder .... and we/they all want descend back on our own little "quarter" acre and get after it.

It's going be big time madness like the Gold Rush

There is going to be major material shortages. With insuing gun battles.

If left un checked the aesthetic and design quality of what some builders are going to throw up will be terrible.

Shit Jay we might as well bulldoze the whole dam place and make it one big trailer park.

You Celebrities as a group or class have stupendous power and clout ..

There maybe times that we will need to lay down in front of Bulldozers

Most of us in NO have No voice ... and we will get Bulldozed just like the Beautiful buildings .... but with A United Celebrity class as a whole who have such media power ... we can win many battles.

You all can support us and save our city, which is also your city in so many ways and levels. You know it is not JUST a town, it' an idea!

We may love our city, we who live there; But it belongs to the whole nation and the whole world...

If we are not careful, people will no long be asking where is Basin street, they'll be asking where is New Orleans?

If we could step back now while the water is going down and do some thinking and organizing we will be more able Restore our town better and faster and cheaper.

There are literally thousands of great folks who want to help; and I mean hands on help ... come down here and pitch in and this is absolutely fantastic .. but it is also a recipe for disaster

In America , we have the peace core and Americore

If we could organize teams of Volunteers , many teams of Volunteers like that.... on that model and have some orderly distribution of materials we can Restore our wonderful town in a very few years. Skilled teams restoring the City like Locus in reverse.

Alas, some things will have to be taken down and maybe recycled. but most, I feel sure , can be made whole again.

Maybe Stars and Celebrities could Adopt a building,

And it's not really a question of money here there's a lot of insurance and Government money and private money.

And tho I'm not asking for money from celebrities;( tho some of that is more than welcome;) But the power and pressure that you/they can bring to bear is much more Valuable..

Actors and Actresses are artist .. they got aesthetic tastes .. hopefully and eye for beauty ... as a group, and with the pressure let everyone know we are watching you. we are right here on your should saying do the right thing...

man that's real power

Jay ya know it was in new Orleans where Historic building preservation got started

It's true: there were a bunch of "Builder/developers" who almost Bulldozed the complete French Quarter. But in the nick of time a bunch of fearless New Orleans women stood up to these belligerent Dudes and got many, many buildings classified as National Monuments and there by Save the Quarter and no telling what else

Jay, you know when you drive into N.O. from the air port how horrorible that is ... well that's what these "builders" wanted to do to N.O. back then and now to.But these ladies saved New Orleans and started the movement which has saved many millions of other historic structures. The National Historic Preservationist Society

Restoring New Orleans is different than rebuilding it

If there were some way to have a gathering of stars and celebrity some what like the Oscars or something... that would make a very very powerful statement .. and put the powers that be on notice

Please help us But please Help us effectively

Dang Jay thank you for reading this

PPSS if you know Jay please forward this to him .. thanx